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High Voltage Media is a resource for creating and presenting your ideas and stories through technology to a wide audience. From film through broadcast and web technologies we bring sane business solutions to your projects at any level.  You don’t have to be rich to bring your vision to life when you have the right plan at hand.
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Located in Montreal, the creative center and engine of the north, High Voltage Media specializes in media and event coverage, production and post production of: Broadcast - Journalism - Conferences Special Events - Social Media - Concerts Industrial & dramatic video and film.
High Voltage Media
Documentary, drama, nature and experimental film genres.  Beautiful vistas or special effects High Voltage Media has the tools to bring your story to a vast audience.  Nothing replaces the combination of solid training, talent, and experience. Experience speaks volumes.  Check out some of our current projects.
Design a web site from the ground up or re-purposing from another format of presentation High Voltage Media has the experience to provide business or creative solutions that fit with your current work flow.  “Integration” of your content is right up our alley. Film to Internet, integration of streaming video and more..
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Currently in production: 
A living document - EXPO-67-17                                                                                          
Memoires and Oral Histories of those who experienced Expo67
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